Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Invisible Form of Greed

There is this almost invisible form of greed. It’s really difficult for us to see. Us being “the greedy ones”. We are so removed as wittinesses. We are removed in large part as we simply rarely go to places where the greed is having its full effect. We are even further removed from the deeper causes. Global commerce moves without feelings and with no awareness around the dis-equity of opportunity.
There are these forces in the world that I feel powerless at times to affect. How do you convince a government or a corporation to open a factory in Somalia? How can you get the next hi-tech manufacturer to open a plant in Kibera? We will not have equity for humanity until we have equity in prosperity. Until we all have equal opportunities we are not equal. Does equity matter to you?
The big changes are difficult, maybe we leave those to Bono. Small changes are so easy to make. May I suggest the following:
If you have plenty to eat go a day or two hungry. I can get your savings to someone who is lacking. Here’s the best part, go 2-3 days without eating and that savings will feed a family for 2-3 weeks.
If you have employment sell some PTO. You will never miss it, in the big scheme of things you’ll quickly forget you even did it. But $100 will help someone get a micro business going in a big way. How many can you help by simply selling 1-2 days of PTO? 5? 10? 20? You’ll never miss the PTO, but for those on the other side of equity, it will change their lives. I have people lined up.
For sure life isn't fair, but still - people can be fair. As individuals, we can choose to be fair.

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