Sunday, March 20, 2016


Even with their sufferings they can still smile at you and make you smile too. they strive day and night wishing to get someone to help them come out of this suffering. When they get opportunity to study they empress it to the full by working hard in their studies as they know it is the only way they can reach to their dreams, even as their parents and caretakers strive to make a dollar in a day to bring food in to the table. There is great struggle in the lives of these little ones. They endure a lot which they do not deserve. 

We see this everyday. It”s why Kibera Pride aims to provide education and other basic needs to the children of Kibera. We are currently running a children’s home, serving 26 kids, admitting only the those in the worst situations. This includes orphan children who are under the care of an abusive step father/mother. It includeschildren whose parents have chronic diseases and left bed ridden. Any child being abused physically or sexually where the parents are not taking any action to change the situation and kids who are lost and rescued by the Children’s Welfare Office or the police as they try to locate relatives.

We run a sponsorship program you can be a part of. We identify and recommend kids who have potential to study and whose parents can’t afford to pay for their education. Currently we have 61 children attending school under our educational sponsorship program. When we find a sponsor for a child he or she is enrolled in the school. These kids also participate in the other Kibera Pride programs and activities and they mingle with those who live in our children’s home.

We are happy and proud that this program has helped many kids spiritually, mentally, morally and physically. We strive to ensure they develop to their full potential in life within their current social-environment and beyond. This development cannot occur without the support of many well wishers from around the world. Thanks to you all.

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  1. Thanks to all who have taken a step supporting the organization in different ways. We appreciate your effort for it is through your help that we are able to put a smile in the face of these children. Thanks and be blessed.